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Tuesday, March 27, 2012 - 20:15
Ready for Cinema Club? Tonight with the first Colomba! ;-) Join the club to enjoy the art known as cinema!

Cinema Club events are scheduled on Tuesdays (festival excluded) at 20.15 in Pannilani 17 ERoom

How to participate:  Participation is FREE (subscriptions at this link or in the form below) and open to all Polimi students! (registration for each event is required due to the limited places!)


Who are we?

CLICK HERE to download the short presentation about the club made by Santiago last year.

Are you a Polimi student? Ask to join our Facebook Group (CinemaClub PolimiComoCampus2012)

Which Batman movies are better, the new ones or old ones? Which terror scene scared you more? What you would do if you were the protagonist of Memento? Which is the worse movie that you have seen?

Cinema Club Como is intended for students who like to share the taste and the art of cinema and criticize the movies.
Club members watch movies, unforgettable moments and greatest scenes from movies together and share their opinion after the movie.
Club members are willing to share the knowledge, prepare discussions about the movies and create a nice group of cinema lovers.
Cinema Club Como offers you an environment where you can share your taste for cinema and discuss about your favorite movies, your opinion or try to understand a movie all together.

The club organize “a movie day” each two weeks:

  • During a movie day, members propose a movie with a short informational presentation
  • During a movie day, members get together and select a movie among proposed movies
  • After members discuss and share their opinion about the movie

You can check our photo gallery for the previous Cinema Club events. For any question contact us at [email protected] or call us +39 320 6615352


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