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Friday, October 31, 2014 - 09:30
POLIMI Como Campus is launching a new edition of the project 1to1: the best way to learn languages (Italian Included ;-) Do you want to practice your Italian in a friendly context? Are you excellent in English or you like to teach some basics of your mother tongue? There is no better place than our campus to learn languages.

We have such an international environment in Como Campus but how can we use this resource?

-> Compile the form (www.ciren.eu/1to1POLI) before November 30th, 2014.

We will try to find you a friend to practice some 1to1 meetings. Then you’ll decide independently where and when.

Before December 8th we’ll send you a feedback and on December 11th during the Xmas Festival of Como Campus we’ll celebrate the starting of this initiative.

Attention! If Italian is your mother tongue, you can refer to this address www.como.polimi.it for more info and you can apply to the project by this form made exclusively for Italians (www.ciren.eu/1to1ITALIANI).

Il progetto è stato realizzato da ciren per il Polo Territoriale di Como del Politecnico di Milano. Per maggiori informazioni in lingua italiana: www.como.polimi.it.

Il modulo riservato agli italiani è disponibile a questo indirizzo (www.ciren.eu/1to1ITALIANI).

 Si ringraziano per la collaborazione: La Banca del Tempo di Como, l’associazione PISA e protagonisteinrete.it

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